About Us

Fairport has a long pedigree of developing and delivering complete engineering projects for the Food, Chemical, Power, Biomass, Alternative Fuel, Coal, Quarry, Mineral, Cement, Advanced Recycling, Waste, Ports and other heavy industries. Formed in 1982 Fairport has a history of working with some of the world’s leading companies –GSK, Imerys, British Sugar, Cemex, Brunner Mond, Saint-Gobain, EdF, Lafarge, Tarmac CRH, RWE nPower, Hanson etc.

With over 35 years experience in bulk materials handling systems Fairport has delivered many turnkey solutions and is uniquely placed to provide a range of bespoke equipment. Including:

This wide range of bulk materials handling equipment is provided by Fairport’s stand-alone group company – Fairport Process Equipment Ltd, that additionally undertakes the overall management of turnkey assignments including, as necessary:


Founded in 1982 Fairport has developed over time to become one of the leading bulk materials processing and handling specialists in the UK.

A privately owned company, Fairport’s professional expertise is highly valued in developing and delivering bulk materials processing and handling projects from concept to handover, partnering with clients through the various project phases.

Fairport introduced a smaller projects capability in 2014 as a market-driven means of accessing contracts from FEL’s traditional markets.

During 2015 some £1.75M of smaller contracts was undertaken with 2016 showing stabilisation of this revenue at a value of nearly £2.0M. 2017 secured £2.5M of work and cultivation of opportunities in the non-proprietary equipment sector achieved a total order value of some £3.5M over a similar period.

These work-flows now form the basis of Fairport Process Equipment’s on-going revenue streams.

SHE & Quality

Fairport undertakes all its activities in a “Total Quality Management” manner that aligns with ISO 9000, ISO 14000 and ISO 26000 together with those specific industry standards generally associated with its core bulk materials processing and handling markets.

Fairport operates within the statutory requirements of proven quality, environmental and health & safety programmes, based on a professional education and training culture that actively embraces a corporate attitude and desire to continuously improve and deliver Zero Accident Operations that also involves a high degree of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Fairport, as part of its programme of continual improvement, undertakes external assessment of these activities and is accredited by the following specialist organisations as shown below:


Fairport’s client base is many and varied, as depicted below :

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