Storage Bunkers & Silos

With over 35 years experience in bulk materials handling systems Fairport Process Equipment is uniquely placed to provide a range of bespoke storage solutions for most bulk materials handling applications. This includes :


Fairport Process Equipment delivers a wide range of storage solutions. Whether of a few cubic metres capacity for highly specialised food, chemical, pharmaceutical and high value fine powders or of many thousands of cubic metres capacity for major bulk storage duties that are necessary for high capacity applications, such as those at ports and/or power stations. Smaller silos can be provided in either stainless or mild steel whilst the larger applications are more suited to mild steel or concrete forms of construction. In all cases Fairport can provide specialised forms of accurate metered extraction ranging from slide valves, cut-off gates and clam shell doors to more sophisticated vibrating or belt type feeders.


Normally provided as multi-compartmented storage facilities for individually sized bulk products Fairport Process Equipment has incorporated many bunker type facilities into major projects over the last two decades. Storage capacities range from 2,500t to 8,500t and are expected to have a design life in excess of 20 years.


A unique form of ground storage that allows compartmentalised storage of finished or intermediate bulk material to be stored in a cost effective ground based plan foot-print. Normally included in major plants prior to road and rail out-loading operations.

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