Conveyors - Pneumatic

Fairport Process Equipment has a reputation for high quality engineering, innovative design and reliability in the projects that it undertakes for the handling and processing of all types of materials and offers comprehensive and complete process solutions for all sizes of projects that handle and process particulate bulk solids.

The company is able to offer an extensive service in all forms of pneumatic conveying technology, from pressure and vacuum, closed loop, dilute and dense phase as well as low velocity. Fairport Process Equipment also provides process solutions that encompass pneumatic and mechanical conveying, storage and conditioning, batching and weighing, mixing and blending, drying and cooling and dust extraction and explosion protection technologies.

As well as the transport systems we can provide many bulk materials storage and distribution systems for the food industry and in particular the confectionary, coffee, dairy and brewing sectors as well as being expert in multi-ingredient handling and processing in the food industry.

Our personnel has an exemplary track record in building materials handling and process plants for the chemical and plastics industries, where powders and granular materials are potentially hazardous, being explosive, toxic, hygroscopic or with a combination of these characteristics and can also to offer state of the art automated dry ingredient dispensing systems for the pharmaceutical industry.

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